“GCA” Means Green Coffee Antioxidant From Dr. OZ

Dr. Oz on Green Coffee Antioxidant GCA

Dr. Oz on Green Coffee Antioxidant “GCA”

Since TV host Dr. Oz mentioned that you should look for green coffee bean extract with GCA the weight loss community has gone nuts. But what exactly dose GCA mean and how doe it affect weight loss?

Here is the quote from Dr. Oz,

“Don’t get duped by phony, ineffective products. When looking to purchase a supplement, look carefully at the list of ingredients. When looking for a green coffee bean supplement, it should contain the chlorogenic acid extract, which can be listed as any of the following:

  • GCA® (green coffee antioxidant)
  • Svetol®

Also, look for a capsule that contains at least 45% chlorogenic acid. More than 45% is okay, but pills with less than this amount have not been tested in studies that demonstrate weight loss.”

Why is this so important?

GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant) Explained

Here are some facts that will help you understand what it is and how it works.

Green Coffee Antioxidant is a trademarked name for pure green coffee bean extract and it is owned by a company called Applied Food Sciences, Inc. When you see this abbreviation being used it’s telling you that it contains at least 45.9% chlorogenic acids which have been clinically prove to help you lose weigh fast.

How Chlorogenic Acid works is by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body while at the same time boosting the the bodies metabolism level which means there is an increase of “Fat burning” in the liver. When you combine both of these two mechanisms you will restrict the absorption of fat in the body and eliminate weight gain.

It’s this action that causes weight loss without exercise because the process of weight loss still occurs due to the control of glucose in the body no matter what your eating. If you want to see faster results then exercise will use muscles and muscles will use energy which in turn takes from fat store already in the body because the GCA is restricting fat storage so there is not much for the body to use from what your eating.

What to Look for

Ok so your ready to start shopping and now you need to know all the key things to look for in a pure green coffee bean extract. Dr. Oz suggest taking between 800mg a day so this is a start BUT watch out of the bottles of 60 that contain 400mg supplements or less because this means you will need to take at least 2 capsules a day giving you only a 15 day supply. This will cost you in the long run as you will need double the bottles at double the cost. A friend of mine just told me the other day “Ooo…Ahhhh BUT I bought my bottle of green coffee bean supplements for just $24 a bottle so I got a great deal”. Did she? Let’s take a look…

Her bottle was 400mg and 60 supplements per bottle and she takes two supplements a day, that’s only a 15 day supply so she will need to buy another bottle at $24 again to make it a 30 day supply costing her a total of $48.

You can buy a 60 capsule bottle of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA 800mg for around $39 saving yourself $9 per bottle so don’t be fooled.You’ll only need to take 1 supplement a day.

Also some bottles of 800mg supplements will direct you to take 2 capsules a day but you don’t need to, Dr. Oz suggest 800mg a day.

Let’s take a look at the study conducted by Dr. Oz on his own audience in his TV studio,

Green coffee bean with GCA in CanadaFor The Dr. Oz Show experiment, his participants were instructed to take 400mg capsules three times a day and 30 minutes before each meal. This a very strong dosage and was only used for this test. Another thing to note here is that a 200mg version has

also been used in clinical trials with some success as well.

The Bottom Line

If the bottle doesn’t list ingredients there is probably a reason so don’t buy it! What your looking for is an ingredient list that reads no fillers and no artificial ingredients. Also, don’t be fooled by the word “pure” if you see it on a label also. If you see the word “pure,” and you don’t see Svetol® or GCA®, consider another choice.

I’s also a good idea to keep a food journal to help you monitor what you eating and become more aware of your food consumption habits.




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